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I have been suffering intermittent engine dying, surging, spluttering backfiring in general pissing me off, for a while now. Normally pull the clutch in give it a couple of hard revs and it goes away for a while or a very short while. Logically I though dirty fuel, so a couple of bottles of tune up injector cleaner later the bike runs well again, for a while.

It got so bad the other day it stalled while holding the clutch in at speed. I pulled the tank off and I found the harness had been rubbing on the tank and one of the wires coming from the fuel filter/guage had worn down with bare wire showing. It is the same wire shown and mentioned in another post regarding the three wires connected to the filter.

So I fixed and tied it down, then took out the filter/guage assemblies check the fuel for contaminants all looked good there no Particles etc.

Put it all back together and it ran well for about 200 km then the problem started again. And comes back regularly now although not as bad. I have checked the butterflies and the airbox all look clean, not overly oily etc. Changed the filter as well.

Any clues, I have been thinking of bad filter faulty fuel pump regulates or other such black boxes that keep theses engines running?
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