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Hey all, not sure how many of you are also on the vn750 forum, but in addition to being a new member here, I've been on there for a few weeks now (sakibomb750).

For those who haven't seen me on there, my name is Joe. Very new to riding. Took 2 day course a month and a half ago. Bought a 00 vn750 a month ago for $550. Been in garage for 3 weeks. So far, I've replaced bent forks, bent bars, broken headlight, and now waiting on set of used carbs. Great starter bike, but tired of putting money into it without having been able to even ride it any. Mechanic doing all my work. Love the bike though!

Run down on history of bike...got laid down about 3 years ago in a field. Rider was new, couldn't make turn, went into barbed wire. Bent the forks, broke the headlight, and bent my handlebars. (Found out the bars were not stock, seat is not stock, and rear signals are not stock, also.) Got that stuff fixed. Then started stalling whenever throttle applied. Tank had barely any gas, rusted inside, and realized bad gas sucked into carbs. Had carbs pulled, since I'm sure they needed a quality cleaning. Found the chamber float assembly hanging off, broken , covered in epoxy from previous owner's inability to function with half a brain. So, ordered used carbs from SoCal (I'm in Maine). Not sure if carbs are from a 2000, but they are from a 750. So, hopefully jets are the same. Not sure if I will just swap carbs or swap pieces. Old carbs and tank were taken to machine shop and cleaned (not sure about jets or floats).

Aside from that, I love riding and these forums have been an amazing source of info and assistance. Assuming nothing else goes wrong after carbs, front fender needs replacing, rear right signal needs replacing, REALLY want to change retarded, uncomfortable seat to a 900 seat.
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