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AMSOIL Oil Filter

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Does anyone know the part number for the Amsoil Oil Filter for our bikes.....the 1700.
Thanks in advance for your help !!!!
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SMF103 is listed in a cross reference chart that I have. But, there is a note with it and it says not a filter recommended by the author. Whatever that may mean. There are so many good filters out there so I wouldn't chance it.
I use it all the time and no problems. Let the author justify why not to use it
The problem with the Amsoil filters is not that they filter badly... it's more that they filter well, but there's such a small filter area you run the risk of them clogging up too easily. Here's a link to the Motorcycle oil filter research done by Mark Lawrence. There is a link on that page to another with photos of the insides of various filters ("filter surgery").

You can make your own assessment... but I wouldn't use Amsoil filters myself either.
Oil Filter Website Information Incorrect

I have used Amsoil and their line of filters for years on all kinds of autos, motorcycles and power equipment. I, nor any of my customers, have ever had a loss of oil pressure on extended change intervals.

The information posted by Mark Lawrence on this website (http://motorcycleinfo.calsci.com/Filters.html#OilFilters ) is very old information, and does not appear to have been updated with any new filter testing or information. The information that is posted does not list the sources where the measurements came from, so the numbers may not actually be accurate at all. The AMSOIL filter referenced is the SMF103, which was replaced by the EAOM103 oil filter several years ago. Based on how dated this information is, there is no value or credibility to the information published on this website with respect to Amsoil filters.

The EAOM103 filter is the cross reference to the Mobil M1-110 oil filter, and meets the manufacturer specifications for many metric motorcycle models. The EAOM103 has a filtering efficiency of 98.7 percent at 20 microns, and sufficient capacity for extended drain intervals up to two times the manufacturer recommended change interval, or 1 year, whichever comes first.
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I guess it boils down to..let the buyer beware and use what works for you.
I must add....I used an AMSOIL oil filter as well as their oil back when I had my '09 900 LT with no problems. IMHO....it seemed like the bike ran cooler.
I have always used the OEM filter. No problems.:D
Mobil M1-110 on my Vaquero. Readily available....bit on the pricey side though.
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