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Not sure if anyone read my previous review on Aliexpress Shoei NEOTEC, GT-AIR & GT-AIR 2 Visors but, I did end up buying another HJC RPHA 70 and yes, I bought some more Aliexpress visors.

Placed the order on 22/07/2022 and it arrived (Australia) today (05/08/2022) and I have to admit, I am disappointed.

Product Font Screenshot Helmet Eyewear

I bought the Gold, Orange and 2 Pinlocks to go with the visors.

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Helmet Sports equipment Sports gear Automotive lighting Automotive design

What I found with the visor was the colour is expected, thickness , size , weight and shape are the same as the original BUT, it has a fault.


Automotive lighting Automotive design Motor vehicle Bicycle part Motorcycle accessories

Gold visor is so dark that you can barely see through it during the day, you won't be able to see at night. Comparing it to the original gold visor I have, it is worth spending the extra $$$ and buying the original.

Cloud Sky World Natural environment Plant
Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Tire Motor vehicle


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Orange is much easier to see out of and fits much better than the gold. Mirrored finish is beautiful.

Wind noise - no audible difference between the 2 (to me that is)

Fitment - It was a pain to close the visor and lock it in. Not sure if its due to the fact it needed to mould its shape to the helmet but it is easier to close compared to when I first installed but not as easy as the original. It does line up with the helmet edges

Tint - Much darker than the original but, the Orange is ridable

Glare - No noticeable difference

Now there isn't any mentions of the same projectile protection as the original so that is something to consider.


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