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Hello everyone

Had a issue the other day. After running the bike for about an hour or so, I was cruising down the road 55-60 mph. All of the sudden started to make a bit of noise coming from the front jug, like an leak in the head pipe/manifold. There was no loss in power, just burbling and popping on any de-acceleration. Got her home with in a few minutes. Suspected the air valve system.

Tore in to it.
Tested the air valve solinoid as per the book, 18-22 oms resistance at 68 degrees. OK
Put power to it, valve closes and opens. OK
Put air to it good seal when closed,good flow when open. OK
Tubing was all clear, clamps good. OK
Tore down farther.
Removed both air valves (reed type)
Rear valve was fair, Front valve would not hold air or fluid.

Disassembled and cleaned both air valves, with extra attention on the seating area.
Reassembled everything, fired her up and took it for a spin for a hour. Everything is working as it should. Yea!

The bike has near 40000 miles, well maintained. All items changed/replaced/cleaned before time/mileage.
Just curious any one else have/had this issue?

I would of replaced/ordered the air valves with new ones if the dealer had been open. May get some coming soon if 40000 mile is the fail rate. Knowing that the cleaned ones can only be expected to to last half as long.
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