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Aftermarket Exhaust

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I'm going from a stock exhaust to a v&h longshot. I have a 05 1500 classic and I'm trying to find out if I'll need a digital processer or a power commander. If anyone can help me out on that it will be greatly appreciated.. Thanks
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I have an '01 Drifter 1500, so our bikes are quite similar. My motor is all stock except for V&H Longshots and I marbled the reed valves. If you have no intake mods and you're adding these pipes it's no problem and you won't need a digital processor or a power commander. You will probably need to block off the reed valves though, or you'll have a lot of popping from the exhaust between shifts and on deceleration. You'll find instructions here: http://www.gadgetjq.com/smogstuffremove.htm
Thanks... That sounds easy enough..
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