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Adjusting the Rear Suspension

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I have read the service and operator's manual.

I have the OEM tooling.

I have removed the side coolant reservoir/cover.

BUT, I cannot adjust the suspension (I want to make it softer - to 2).

What is the trick to budging this ratchet - type system on this VN 900 Custom?

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Go here:


Same adjustment for a Custom as a Classic.

To make things easier, you can lift the bike a little to take the weight off the rear suspension - it's easier to go to a "softer" setting than a "firmer" setting, as you are not fighting the force of the spring in that direction.
Thanks Shadow.

Done all that - still cannot budge it.

The bike is heading into a dealer in a few days for them to adjust it. I'm done with trying to adjust it myself.

There was a time when you could line up a drift or hvy flat blade screwdriver, and drive/drift any spanner type nut. Not that I ever have done that or anything.
Lucky for me I got mine to move, with the spanner tool(s) after taking the weight off the shock.
I presume you put the three parts of the adjustment tool together???. Forgive me if you did, it is rather obvious I know. I have read a lot of "I skinned my knuckles on this useless tool" and realised people sometimes try to use the tool without assembling it.
All done - dealer did it.

Spray the joint where it slides with WD40 or silicone spray next time you are in there. Should slide easier....lot of friction in there.
Romper, if you ever need to adjust the rear suspension again, it's not hard if you use and extension on the adjusting tool.
That's an adjustment I have been contemplating making. Haven't got around to it yet.
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