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I found this site that has a full face neofoam skull mask. Turned inside out it's all black. Sale price of $1.99 is very cheap. The S&Hing $12.99 is very expensive. So it stays not purchased. Then I surf a little more and found magnets to make your bike look like a Mack truck. At $19.99 each. Away I went to yet another site. This one had me drooling. A one piece full body jacket. With every point of protection you'd want protected when riding. Here comes the drool part. It's made to fit nicely under your riding jacket. Weather it be leather or Denim. How happy do you think that makes me.
For some of you this is new. It is for me. I've seen some of these body protection gear and they fall short of the mark. Your back was protected but not your elbow. So you had to piece meal something together. Heavy and bulky and hot last I remembered. Just in case. I;ll still need to buy another riding jacket one (1) size up, just in case.
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