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Accessories that fit 2014 classic?

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hi guys!

i have a 2014 vulcan classic and i´m looking for some saddlebags and a sissy
bar but all or many i can find simply dont fit my 2014 classic according to ebay and some other accessory-sites when i specify the year of my bike?!

do u guys know which saddlebags (vikingbags?) and what sissy bar will fit for my bike ? is a black sissy bar available for my classic?

they also seemed to have change the stock seat because also a lot of aftermarket seats dont fit my bike.....

would be very helpfull to hear from u guys!

greetings from snowy austria!
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I have a 2013 so we are in the same boat. I had zero luck finding a black sissy bar, but what I did find is that anything that fits at least an 09 and up will fit your/our bike. I went with the cobra short sissy bar and I could not be happier. What a quality piece of equipment. I got the luggage rack as well and I just cant get over the quality. I took the covers off the rear frame rails and left them off because I like the look better. You can certainly install this with them on if you would like.


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As far as I know the 900s have not changed. (since 2007 for the custom, I think the classic is a year older?)

Anything that will fit a 2006+ classic should fit your bike.

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As far asI can tell, the only things you to watch out for are parts that mount to the front shocks (like windshields). The Classic & LT have covers, the Customs don't.
As kdbarry said, the 900's haven't changed. A lot of manufacturers and parts vendors are not good at updating the years their parts fit.
As far as a black sissy bar, look at the Highway Hawk (P/N HH-524-1039B) on CruiserCustomizing.com... they list a black one with a matching luggage rack available (P/N HH-525-003B).
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