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For those few of us that inhabit this portion of the forum, we know that the 750 Vulcan was never really made with longer distance "touring" in mind. With that being said, it is quite capable of it assuming you watch your route and make sure you have gas stations at least every hundred miles or so.

My question to you 750 guys is if you've set yours up for long runs and if so, what have you done to yours to make it more comfortable and practical for pure distance?

On mine, I hard mounted some decent size saddlebags (lockable), have the high seat back for the passenger (even though I don't take one along with me), there is a luggage rack, engine guard with highway pegs, a PlexiFairing 3 windshield, lowers, its wired for GPS, and I had a local upholsterer make me a comfortable seat. I also have a good piece of sissy bar luggage.

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