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Hi all,
Just joined the forum and first post here, have a question I’m hoping someone can help me with after having spent a couple of days trying to find answers in the web with no luck.

I’m looking at buying a bike sight unseen overseas. I know people who know the seller and he’s reputable. I won’t be able to inspect the hike prior to purchase because I won’t be there, but friends can take a look for me. None of the friends are biker experts and there are no reliable bike mechanics in that country - it’s a developing nation. The bike appears to be a 97 VN 400 classic series 2 from photos and registration paperwork. It’s chain drive and all the fenders/seat etc are correct for a series 2.

Only thing is, the seller insists it’s a 4 speed with a one up, three down shift pattern. He’s owned it about 8 years, so you’d think he’d know. I’m not tom worried about the shift pattern being upside down - it’s not hard to change and some guys do it purposely. The missing 5th gear is a worry though, bent selector forks or gearbox damage would be a concern since there are no spares available in that country and gearbox work is a pain in the ass anyway.

Question is, does anyone know if the shift pattern is cast into the engine case on this bike as it is on most Japanese bikes, and if so, where? It’s typically somewhere around the shift lever on most bikes. I’ve been searching the web for close up pics of the engine/side covers on this bike and not found one anywhere. Can anyone help out?

Thanks in advance,
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