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Hi All,

Buddy got a 1996 VN800 on a deal. Bike is sputtering/lurching in second gear.

We rebuilt Carb, Chain didn't appear to be binding, Checked the throttle cables, replaced vac lines.

Buddy took it to motorcycle shop who said it's transmission.

Have a line on a used transmission that looks good for $80.

That being said, I can't find a good list of gaskets I'll need and not a lot of step by step pictured instructions.

My factory service manual for my honda magna appeas to be a bit more complete than the Kawasaki FSM for his bike. Also on my magna I can remove a side cover to replace transmission gears.

Has a member here done a good write up of a transmission replacement? If so can you point me in the right direction?

Do I really need to split the case to fix this?

(Forgive this one, been a couple weeks since I read the Kawa manual) I can keep the cylinder heads on just fine doing the tranny replacement. Yes?

Tips for splitting the case that are not listed in the FSM?
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