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96 500 project, need help.

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So I just acquired a 1996 Vulcan 500 project bike. Everything is there to put the bike back together stock but that's not my plan at all. The previous owner already chopped the tail end of the swing arm and painted up the frame. So before I ramble like I tend to do let me get down to it. Like I said she's a 1996 Vulcan 500. I am pretty sure it is not an LTD model. My question is how do I know for sure wether it is an LTD or not? From what I understand, in 1996 Kawasaki changed their 500 model to the LTD In mid year. I downloaded a service manual for the 1996 LTD before I knew about the change in 1996. Most things seem to flow together but if it is Not an LTD I want to get the correct manual so I don't miss anything in bringing her back to life. Thanks ahead of time for any help.

P.S. If there is anyone near Fort Stewart GA that can weld hit me up.
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