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Hey guys,

Basically, we have a vulcan 500, it's either a 93 or 94. i'll go look at the date if it's really necessary. they're the same.

a customer is paying us to build a bobber out of it, but he hates the mag rims, and wants spokes put on it.
(can't say i blame him actually)

Is there a DIRECT swap for the front rim that will still match the rotor and caliper spacing and accept a speedo gear and sit in the center of the axle? (note: A speedo gear, not necessarily the stock speedo gear currently installed) I don't mind cutting wheel spacers, that's easy. I'm just trying to keep the cost low and not make brackets and stuff.

Is there a rear rim that is a direct swap with the belt drive?
I have my suspicions that a savage 650 rear rim will work, but i haven't tested this theory yet.
if there isn't a direct swap for the belt drive spoke idea, do they actually make a chain conversion for this bike?

That would tackle the front sprocket, and then i could use a rim from something spoked and chain driven with the same chain width.

We're just trying to keep the labor and parts cost down as much as possible and not operate on speculation. "maybe this will work?" and i'm positive that someone on this site has either looked into, or has done this, or knows how, or knows where to find the 50 links from the last 50 people who asked the same question.

Thanks in advance!


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Front wheel is direct swap using a spoked wheel from a 500. Never looked at a 500 spoked rear but it uses a cush drive just like the belt does. I have machined many of the mag wheels to go on 800's and went from belt to chain in the process with little effort.
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