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first post-

just want to say thanks in advance for your time in trying to help me get this solved.

little background, inherited the bike from my dad, been sitting for a while. pulled and cleaned carbs, got her idling and running well. then started having clutch slippage. replaced the friction plates and springs and now, i drop it into first, neutral lights goes off, hit the gas and i have no power.

when the bike is off and 'in first gear' it rolls as if it was in neutral, obviously something isnt right.

when tightening the 27 mm nut on the clutch basket...should the gears be spinning too correct?/

cause if i recall they were not when i was putting it back together.

this if the first bike i have been working on and im still learning.

hope i can find the info here..i have been searching the forums but have not found what i am looking for.

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