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93 vulcan 1500

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Hey guys ive checked out this forum for a while now and finally decided to join up ! From wichita ks and love to build custom bikes and cars ! I customized a customers 93 vulcan 1500 and for partial payment he gave me another 93 vulcan 1500 in a basket case form . The bike is a parts bike that the guy bought off of ebay for a engine swap . The engine and frame is very clean , no signs of misuse or wrecks. So i bought the parts that have been taken off the bike and today i finally got the fuse box that i have been waiting for . I got all the electrical connectors back together and a new battery then I got it to turn over! Everything looks good so far... but no spark. I checked with a spark tester and no spark . I checked the leads to the coils and there is 12 volts but still nothing . I depressed the kickstand switch and then let it out and didnt seem to help . I havent checked to see if the switch is working yet but I would like to know if there is any other switches that I would need to be aware of that would turn the coils on ? oil pressure switch maybe ? I did notice that there is a vacuum port coming from the ic igniter box that isnt hooked up . does that have anything to do with it not sparking ?
Please help out with issue Ive worked on many older bikes but nothing this new yet .
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Welcome to the forums. Suggest you ask your questions in the 1500 forum where other owners can help you out. Not all read the new intro section.
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