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900 Hypercharger install pictorial.

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I posted these on another thread but thought they might be interesting to others who are considering a hypercharger install ...
I installed my hypercharger some time ago ... here are some step by step pics that I used .. hope they are helpful to those who may be interested .
here are the pics I used ...

and here is mine ... ta da ...
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Looks good on the bike. Though only the last picture comes in for me. The rest seem to be broken.
Pictures all look good to me.
I just check the thread ... I can see em too. if you can not see em, go to my home page, there is a album marked hypercharger install pictorial, I tried uploading them in order, however they do not show in order ... all the pics are marked "step 1 , step 2 etc....
pics all broken except the last one for me. Strange.
I only see the last picture also. Pictures in the album look good though. Very detailed info.
I see the issue. The last pic is hosted with photobucket and works but all the others are hosted at another forum that requires you to have an account and login.
I just logged it in ... pics should be available now
I just logged it in ... pics should be available now
Doesn't work like that. You can see them but non members, not logged in to that forum will not be able to see them. Suggest you move them to your photobucket account and link to them there.
Yep still broke for me
Yep still broke for me
Ditto for me... But I can see them in your photo album under your profile.

How far does that whole assembly stick out? I'd be concerned that my knee would be constantly pressed against the unit in order to keep my foot on the peg
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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