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Hi all,

I’ve posted a couple of threads on here a while ago, after a number of other small jobs I’m hoping I can now get on with my own project.
I picked up an 88 bubf for a reasonable price and the intention is to go down the bobber route but more importantly try and create something that is comfortable for a person of my size to ride.
I didn’t take any pictures of the bike as standard so you’ll have to excuse me !.
As you can see I’ve cut the back of the frame down a bit and taken off the bracket that the front of the original seat fits into.
I have got a bobber style seat but I’m not sure I like it. I need to decide if I want a rear fender, if I do should I go full fender or short fender, then my plan is to get a seat that fits in with the frame and fender.
I’d like to try and get a 16inch fat front wheel but apparently I may need to get bigger yokes to widen the fork spacing to fit the wheel.
I’ve purchased a couple of bits as you can see, biltwell throttle, biltwell grips and an electronic unit that is like the motogadget m unit but nowhere near the price, I also got some nice bilet switches.

I have been talking to somewhat a font of knowledge mr Steve and must thank him for his assistance so far in some decisions, any other input is more than welcome and invited .


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