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I have a 2019 Vulcan 650 S ABS that I bought new in August 2019. My first service was October of 2019 and nothing seemed amiss. My low oil light came on in July 2020 when I had about 7k miles on the bike, the dealer looked at it and said it was fine. We took a trip to Michigan and realized I was burning through a quart of oil every 500 miles. We did an oil change and it kept burning oil so we took it in, they stated I had the wrong amount of oil in it, corrected it and sent us on our way. With now the correct amount of oil the bike was still burning oil at the same rate. We took it back in November 2020 and they did warranty work on the valves and seals stating it was burning oil through the seals. It is now June 2021 and the bike is again burning oil at the same rate, it now has 10k miles on it. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
That's terrible...for such a small engine that's alot of oil...equivalent to a a 350 Chevy burning a quart of oil about every 55 miles..expect a damaged bore.
Then it run low enough for the light to come on..bad for the rod bearings...press em for a new engine

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