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Does anyone know if the forward portion of the 500a exhaust will bolt on to a 500c, or are there differences in the frame, linkages, etc that won't allow this? I have noticed the pipes coming off the engine are shaped differently, but not sure if this is cosmetic or fitment issues. The 500a has a more pronounced "S" bend coming off the engine than the 500c does (see pics)

Overall goal is an exhaust that sits more in line with the ground instead of turning up such as the 500c stock exhaust does. This is making room for a different style of saddlebags.

Problem is, I ride the bike pretty much every day, so I can't just tear it down and have it apart while I figure everything else out. I'm hoping to get a pretty decent jump on the project by being able to use the forward portion of the 500a exhaust and then adding my specific new mufflers and brackets onto that. Doing so would make this a doable weekend project for me, even with my crazy schedule working night shift...


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