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New Custom made 33 tooth FRONT DRIVE PULLEY to fit a 2004-2010 Kawasaki VN2000 motorcycle.

The VN2000 motorcycles come stock from the factory with a 32 tooth cast/stamped metal 2 piece pressed together pulley.

The 32 tooth pulley allows speedometer and odometer errors of approximately 10% (55 MPH is actually 50 MPH and for every 10 miles you ride, 11 miles are put on the odometer.)

By just adding 1 tooth to this pulley the speedometer/odometer error is reduced to approximately 3% (which is more accurate than most cars on the road!) Plus you get the added benefit of showing lower actual mileage!

Another benefit is a more correct reading for gas mileage! A 3% to 5% improvement based on how hard you twist your right hand!

This pulley is machined to aircraft tolerances from one piece of Chro-Moly Aircraft Grade Steel, it has been heat treated, normalized, tempered for strength and durability and is exactly as pictured. The tensile strength of this pulley is greater than the stock pulley or any other pulley made for this motorcycle and will last a lifetime.

This pulley is an easy replacement for the stock pulley and can be swapped using the stock belt in about an hour.

Your VN2000 will perform better and have better shift points just by changing to the 33 tooth pulley, example 70 MPH is 2500 RPM about 200 RPM less than 32 tooth stock pulley, engine is quieter less vibration and higher top speed.

Remove front pulley covers, looking at the pulley you will see a nut and a bent over keeper washer flatten the washer remove the nut use a 1 1/4 in socket with a strong arm wrench or a air impact ...before removing the nut put the transmission in first gear have some one step on the rear brake or tie it down then loosen the rear axle slide forward then install the 33 tooth pulley put the washer on then the nut then adjust the belt to its proper tension install the axle nut to 80 ft lbs now tighten the pulley to 130 ft lbs bend over the washer reinstall the covers..IMPORTANT LUBE THE PULLEY SHAFT AND THE PULLEY SPLINES WITH MOLYBDENUM DISUFIDE PASTE.
I suggest adjusting the belt to 31 MM measure from the end of the threaded adjusters to the face of the swing arm that is in front of the forward adjusting nut, Then have a BEER or SIX.

$285.00 Shipping $12.00 With tracking number.
EBay Item #320828001891 or send payment to PayPal [email protected]
Thanks Bare

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