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2015 Vaquero - PC-V tuning - gear select

I have 2015 Vaquero with Freedom pipes and Roaring Toyz air cleaner. we had put in a Vulcan map 2 years ago to get it running and it ran decent. I didnt want to wait for dyno so I got autotune and had bung welded in RS muff same as stock location. Worked well. For awhile. Then at lower TP and rpm would misfire when heat soaked. Next day I did a remap run and then accepted map and disconnected AT. better but it would still do that bad thing. I contacted Chris at PC and he suggested I do a gear based map. so that each gear would have its own map. Now I don't have a service manual and don't know where to find that gear select wire.

Has anyone done gear select ?

I also bought the DJ POD 300 - nice add on panel to see AFR - and can do map swaps and datalog. I used to work at Roaring Toyz machine shop when we had that magazine Vaquero bike.
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