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2012 Vulcan 900 classic handle bars

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What's up everyone. I just got approved to buy my 2012 Vulcan 900 classic. I'm gonna go in and sign the papers at lunch tomorrow. Im new to riding and it's my first bike. I've been in and out of different shops over the last month and spent countless hrs researching and kept coming back to this bike. My plans are to bob it out to an extent. The first thing I want to do is change the handle bars to fit me me better. I was thinks my 12" apes to give me a more straight armed feel that I liked on the Yamaha raider. Any ideas of what bars I should go with to give me that kind and of feel will be appreciated. To bad I can't ride till spring....
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Welcome to the forums! Highly recommend you take a safety course like the MSF to teach you valuable skills you will need out there.
Glad to see you took my advice, GoWild. I will second the MSF course. Well worth the money and time.
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