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2011 vulcan 900 ,hard starting

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hi guys, just bought a 2011 900 custom 2 weeks ago. when I go to start it I have to crank on it 3 or 4 times before it starts. anyone have this problem? this is my first fuel injected bike. I wait until the fuel pump kicks in also before I try to start it . any ideas or is this common? thanks
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Have you measured your battery to see if you have a weak battery? It could also be a starter issue, but make sure the battery is the first thing to check.

How cold is it when you try and start it? Is it kept outside?

Do you know the last time the previous owner changed the oil?
have not checked the battery voltage , guy I bought it from said oil was changed at 1000 miles, has 1500 miles on it now. been really warm here in the 50's . stays in an unheated garage
battery voltage checks 13.3 volts
Is that the voltage after it has been sitting for a while? And does it take 2 or 3 tries every time you try and start or is it occasionally?
voltage is after it has been sitting. haven't had bike long, I have only rode 3 times. but hard to start every time. starts right up after warm. former owner put heated grips on it and I found some bare wires on the switch today. could this be the problem?
Can you take a video of you trying to start it? How long are you cranking it for? Are you sure it's not possible you're just not letting it crank long enough when cold? Even fuel injected bikes take a few revolutions to fire when cold.
kind of computer challenged on the video, but it will crank over 3 or 4 times and act like it will start, but when I let off the starter it dies. might not be cranking it long enough. the guy I bought it from hit the starter one time and it fired up. I'm new to the fuel injected bikes
previous owner had modified the exhaust by drilling a hole in the back of each muffler,( make it a little louder) could this have any effect on the starting? thank guys for any input
Are you giving it gas while you are pushing on the starter? That's what I did when I first got my bike and had a hard time starting. Just push the starter without giving gas through the throttle.
I think so ? when I get it started when cold it will idle fast for 3 to 4 minutes, then idles down
Hi ride on.

Your bike is vry low miles so the fuel or gas could be very old. I bough a very low miles vn 900 and it has got better and be tter with every use! I use the highest octane and highest quality fuel i can. After about 3 tank fills it starts easy, no longer pops and bangs and is running sweeter all the time.
If you do not know for sure about previous use, new fuel,new oil and filter is a good starting point.
Ride it often and long. It will get better. Good luck with it, let us know if a few tanks of good gas helps.
I'm not giving it any throttle when first trying to start it., only hitting the starter button. when it begins to start and wont idle on it's own I have tried to give it a little throttle. I may be flooding it out ,but I don't smell any gas.
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