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2010 nomad question

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Advice needed,was going to buy a 1600 nomad,guy sold it,found a 2010 1700 nomad with 5700 miles,fairing two tone black and silver,at a hd dealer for 7700,any thoughts or issues I should know?Is a one owner bike,I have a 900 classic now,much difference?thanks
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sounds like a hell of a deal to me for that price if it is in great shape if no damage on the bike. How can you go wrong at that many miles.
There's a huge difference between a 900 and the 1700 line. If you make the move you won't regret it. I know I didn't. Also it doesn't sound like a bad price. Look it up in kelly blue book.
I have the same 1700 color and all. I had to make some modifications to deal with the heat off the engine in the hot summer days, but for the most part I really like it. It will sit higher then your 900 and is a lot heavier. Currently I'm looking into a lowering kit since I have a 29" inseam. If you get it let me know and I'll past on what I did if you wnat the help.
I made the same move from a '09 900 Classic LT to a '12 1700 Nomad. Definitely a nicer motorcycle to tour with. The extra weight and the air shocks help to give you a smoother ride. Definite difference in power especially riding two up. And the cruise control is another nice long distance riding addition. As previously stated, you will not regret making the change.
Thanks for the replies,just need to pull the trigger,some good info from all of you,
Don't think the Harley dealer want's it on his floor,the people are great there,nice place
was contractors bike,traded in on a 2014 glide,I like the kawasakis,Each there own,I don't care who rides what,just ride.
thanks Nomad2010 for the offer,I am in Syracuse,ny,great weather!!!see this Saturday if I am broke,be off to the dealer,btw I did look at it in dec,nice clean bike,even fired it up ,Ran nice,thanks again
A friend of mine got his 2010 Nomad at a Harley dealer for a good price, too. It already had V&N slip-ons and a Voyager travel trunk installed by previous owner. They wanted to move it too. Their finance guy was upset it was leaving. He had used the bike for a weekend trip and quietly said he liked it better than the Harley he had. Guess he didn't want the boss to hear him... LOL

Good luck. Hope you get it!
Thanks ol' school,funny how dealers are with other brands,salesman had to talk to the KAWASAKI expert there,I got a chuckle,will see how it goes,let ya know
Had an 09 until a teenager t-boned me. Now have an 11. The 09 had a clunkier first and second gear and a belt whine. Just traits of the bike. I believe you will find the same to be true on your 10.

Great bike for distance and comfort. A little top heavy at slow speed so be careful while you are getting used to it. Pay attention to where you park. You will not back up by yourself if you park on a downward incline. Dont ask how I know.
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