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2009 Vulcan NOMAD Temp Light

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Temp light came on just before leaving for Bikes, Blues and BBQ this last September. After checking coolant levels I decided to ride anyway. The light would stay off as long as I was at highway speeds. In town the light would come back on and when the bike was parked there would be a VERY small leak near the front, (I still haven't pinpointed it but is there a weep hole in the radiator?) Anyhow, I haven't been doing much riding, but here it is in January and the temp light still comes on even when its 40 degrees outside! I've not seen any blow out from the coolant tank and the reservoir is full up the the Full line. I just changed the thermostat hoping it may fix the problem to no avail. What other parts of the coolant system need checked if it is indeed overheating? Is it possible that the temperature sensor is bad?

Other information you may need: Bike has 50,000 miles on it and has had no major work done to it except a transmission rebuild under factory warranty at 12k miles. No modifications have been made to it other than after market tri-oval pipes over two years ago.
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Have you checked to see if the cooling fan is coming on at lower speeds?
The cooling fan works properly and seems to come on at appropriate engine temperatures. It also comes on and stays on when the light is on, just as its suppose to as a precautionary measure.
makes you think the water pump might not be working or restricted with the black sludge they get
Don't think there would be a weep hole in the radiator.

The leak could be an "O" ring connection. Or a pinhole leak in the radiator. I have had pinhole leakes on two of my scoots. Also on my Venture I had a crack develop at the top tube of the radiator where it comes out of the radiator.. It would only leak when the engine was not running.

When you had it opened up to change the t-stat, did you flush the system? When I changed the coolant to engine ice right after I got it, like most everyone else, I got a LOT of black flaky stuff our of it when I flushed it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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