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Hi Folks - I'm looking to go back to OEM mufflers on my 2009 Nomad. I want to buy used. I have my eyes on used OEM 2014 Nomad mufflers, which would need to be shipped. Both local Kawi dealer and Kawasaki customer service in CA tell me that the part#s are different between the 09 and 14 Nomads. What they weren't able to tell me is "what is the difference" between the mufflers, precisely?" The difference could be as simple as location of an O2 sensor or change in internal baffles - but nothing that would prevent installing the 14 muffler on the 09 bike. I'm disappointed that my Kawasaki dealer or customer support in CA was unable to direct me to someone who could give me a definitive answer to the question, "can I mount/intall 14 Nomad mufflers on an 09 Nomad with little or no modifications?"

Just to be clear, the parts/mufflers that I need are listed as part#s 18091 and 18091A on the schematic on this page: https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts...8789#sch617030

Can anyone tell me if OEM 2014 Nomad mufflers will precisely fit/mount on a 2009 Nomad - OR if it will fit with some modifications? If mods are needed, please describe.

Thanks for your feedback.
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