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2007 Mean Streak PENDING SALE


Sad to say, the Mean Streak is going to go to help pay for new Dodge Ram.

She's a beauty, 3733 miles, black, never been dropped.
Bike is located in Harrisburg, Oregon
Priced low to feed the new Ram purchase: $5200

Condition: Pristine

Many extras including:

• Bubs pipes coupled with power commander unit.
• Floorboards
• Rakaposhi Leather saddlebags
• Kawasaki lightbar
• Tank bib with pocket
• One heckuva loud airhorn to get the attention of that dumbass who's not paying attention to her driving. You know the one I'm talking about, she's the one who's got the cell phone glued to her head, and is about to run you off the road! The airhorn has a very similar effect to an electric wire on her vehicle's seat.

Bike is currently set up for single rider with beautiful leather solo saddle and passenger peg eliminator kit. The orginal dual seat and passenger pegs are still with bike if you re-imburse me shipping. Also, original exhaust with motorcycle, again if shipping is reimbursed.

Bike is on eBay with many many photos:

If the URL does not work, the bike is easy to find on eBay with a "2007 Mean Streak" search. Thanks for your time,
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