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2007 Classic EFI Rear Brake Pedal Replacement

Hello all!

I'm getting ready to change the stock brake pedal with the pedal from a 2005 Drifter and gain a little more room for my big foot. In my search I did come across posts about ScootWorks; they were out of stock but did provide instructions on how to change the pedal out. Recently, I've obtained a service manual for my bike and the instructions differ; the service manual says I have to take the gas tank off...?

The instructions from ScootWorks seem pretty straight forward... could I have possibly misunderstood the service manual? In brake section 11-5 are instructions for Brake Pedal Position Adjustment, removing the tank, and disconnecting the rear brake light switch connector and cutting straps for brake light leads. As section 11-6 goes into Brake Pedal Removal and 11-7 is Brake Pedal Installation, I thought that they would build upon each other and include the instructions for removing the gas tank. But I know what happens when I assume; so my questions are:

1. Do I need to remove the tank? (which would imply ScootWorks is wrong)
2. Is my reading/understanding of the service manual correct and they build upon each other?
3. Are they both correct? (Is the manual not the be all/end all answer and ScootWorks is right...it can be done without removing the tank?)

Thanks for any and all help!!!
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