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2006 Vulcan 500 LTD

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to introduce myself and ask for some advice. My name is John and I am a fairly new biker. My bike is starting to sputter and die when I throttle but only after riding about 20 miles or so. I have put gas treatment in the tank but it just did it again today, at least I was off the interstate though. Any advice would be appreciated and please remember to "dumb it down" for me. Thanks everyone!
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Welcome in John! Suggest you ask your question in the 500 forum where other owners can help you out. Not all read the new intro section.
If the bike sat a while before you got it you may have to have the carbs cleaned. First thing to check is the battery connections for tightness and corrosion. Also check the fuel cap vents. You could use compressed air to blow them out.
Ditto on checking all battery connections. You can search for plenty of info on this topic. Good choice on the bike!
Thanks for the help so far everyone. I have checked the battery connections and bought a new one. Is there an easy way to clean the carbs?
Welcome to the forum. I have been loving my 500 for the past 2 years. You can get a lot of help by asking in the 500 section of the forum.
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