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I've searched far and wide to get these settings. NOBODY HAS THEM! This question is breaking the interweb. So here's the deets:

1) FuelPak Part No. 63005 is supposed to work with Nomad 1600's '03-'08. (mines an 05)
2) V&H Dual Bagger debaffled pipes
3) Stock Air or Custom 7" carb type (bike is FI either way)
4) Have tried 6 different settings every time the bike stutters or hicuups like the fuel is being switched off constantly. STRUGGLING real hard.

Its a Sunday, so I won't hear a response from V&H until tomorrow at the earliest. I'll post the settings and pics as soon as I get something that works. In the meantime, if anyone has any help to give, I'll take it!
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