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Good day folks,
I have for sale my 2005 Vulcan 500.

I’ve owned this bike for just about a year, ridden it gently and have taken excellent care of it.
Over the winter it has been garage kept and properly winterized, I took it out for a 50 mile ride recently and it has no problems.
Additionally over the winter several maintenance items and repairs have been done that bring the condition of the bike up to very good:
  • Oil and filter were changed 6 months/500 miles ago
  • Fork oil, bushings and seals were all changed
  • Front brake fluid flush has been performed
  • The valves were adjusted about 100 miles ago
  • Radiator flush and coolant change performed
  • New o-rings were installed on the coolant pipes and thermostat house, eliminating coolant leaks
  • The carburetors have been rebuilt and tuned with proper float levels obtained
  • The fuel petcock was rebuilt with new diaphragm, gasket and nylon washers
  • A few hoses were replaced
  • The rear brake drum/cam lever mechanism has been cleaned and lubed
  • All cables have been cleaned and lubed
  • All brake pad/shoes have lots of life left, measured with a caliper against specs
  • Tires have a lot of tread and are about 4 years old by the DOT date code
  • The seat was re-covered with a heavy duty vinyl, professionally installed
  • Various fasteners and hardware that were missing when I got the bike have been replaced
  • The broken high beam switch has been replaced
  • The air filter is an aftermarket K&N deal and is clean
Additionally, the tank is clean and free of corrosion and dirt. All the lights work as they should. Everything electric is in working order, all the buttons do what they’re supposed to. Also since I’ve owned it I’ve always used Seafoam in the gas to keep it stable and fresh. I installed a set of Saddlemen saddlebags and supports over the winter which make the bike a great grocery getter.
The paint is not pristine, there are some scuffs on the tank and rear fender mainly. This bike is otherwise excellent and a joy to ride. If you want more pictures or details, feel free to reply here or message me directly.

I'm asking $1900, or best offer.
I live in Bloomington, Indiana. I could probably arrange delivery to Southern Indiana region but if you're much farther than that I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to find a way to come and get it.

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