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I'm a newbie, with a 2004 vulcan 2000. It has the usual mods, cobra long pipes, hypercharger air intake, and cobra fi2000 fuel proccesor.

When i bought it 3 years ago, it would crap out under full throttle acceleration, but ran fine at normal speeds.
I took it to a dealer. They installed a new battery, new spark plugs, and adjusted the settings on the fi2000. Charged me $350 and it ran great for around 5,000 miles, but slowly beginning to crap out again at full throttle, little by little. It starts easily, and runs great up to around 2,000 or 2,500 rpms.

I ran some injector cleaner through the gas tank, with no change.
I've reset the fi2000 to a richer setting, and it will now run 70mph, but same problem.

Any idea what the problem may be? I sure would appreciate some good advice. I'm a 63 year old Army vet, and spring is here. Time to ride.
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