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2003 Nomad 1500 clutch issue

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a couple of months ago my bike started slipping from 2nd to neutral. I had to start skipping to 3rd. finally it would not go into ANY gear. after some foot play could get it into 1st. Concluded it was the clutch spring plate and replaced it with a Meanstreak plate. Now the clutch lever is tight and won't engage. went over the plate install like 20 times so mistakes. Bleed the clutch etc to no avail. any ideas?
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Two ideas........

Are the washers in the correct order? It should be: engine )() then the clutch spring ) .

Did you notice if the little pin hole on the bottom towards the front of the reservoir was clogged? If you had sludge on the bottom the pinhole could be clogged. Take a long needle and clean the hole out.
Washers are correct. Will check reservoir. Also noticed my bike didnt have clutch spring holder as on other vulcan. Clutch plate can turn. Dont know if my bike was rigged or what, but dont think that thing should turn..
At the very least you should have the 1 piece holder (PN: 13091-1494 )

The 2 piece holders would be better (PN: 13280-1306 & 13280-1307 )
If it would jump out of second, it is more likely a transmission issue than a clutch issue.
A plugged return hole at the reservoir would do it too, and that's easier to repair.
A plugged return hole at the reservoir would do it too, and that's easier to repair.
Could you explain how a plugged relief port can cause a transmission to jump out of gear as I have never seen that before.
If the return hole is plugged then the clutch may not fully disengage and you could pop out of gear.
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