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Hello All,

I know there are multiple threads about this topic, and apologize if this should be tagged on to another.

| just acquired this bike, we went for a ride on new years day. My friend noticed that my headlight was out so we started to look around for the issue. We ended up at the stators/regulators.

I am going to try to post all the relevant info and I am looking for a sanity check. My feeling is that one or both regs are bad, and at least 1 stator.

Meter I am using is a FLUKE 87V

Started with Charging Voltage.

Low idle 13.6vdc, High Idle 13.2vdc ~2000-2500rpm

Thinking this was low, we moved to the stators. Unplugged stators and started the bike. Tested AC Output as Follows:
A=horiz pin, b and c = 2 vertical pins on stator

Low idle:
AB= 32vac
AC= 32vac
BC= 32vac

High Idle(2000-2500RPM):
AB= 77vac
AC= 72vac
BC= 73Vac

Low Idle
AB= 28Vac
AC= 35Vac
BC= 32Vac

High Idle
AB= 77Vac
AC= 77Vac
BC= 77Vac

Checked for Shorted Stator'

Outer Stator
A->Bat ground = inf
B->Bat ground = inf
C->Bat Ground = inf

As a Side note, with meter on autorange, I was getting 525 Kohm. However from what I have read, the meter should be set to lowest(X1) ohm setting. Should I be getting any reading on any range?

Inner Stator,

All Legs to bat ground were .6 ohms. Stator Shorted.??

Resistance across stators
AB= .6ohm
AC= .6ohm
BC= .6ohm
AB= .6ohm
AC= .6ohm
BC= .6ohm

Regulators/Rectifiers. this is where I am a little unsure, however it looks like they test ok other than the charging voltage. I did at one point disconnect the inside stator and regulator and checked the Charge voltage with only the outside. There was no change.

Outer Reg.

plug key up top row left to right A B C , Bottom Row 1 2 3

Meter rd on C, Black on numbers

Meter on Diode test
C1 = .536
C2 = .536
C3 = .536

red on numbers, Black on C

C1 = no read
C2= no read
C3 = no read

Red on A, black on numbers

A1 = no read
A2 = no read
A3 = no read

Blk on A Red on numbers

A1 = .531
A2 = .530
A3 = .538

Inner Reg, Same setup.

red c blk numbers

C1 = .533
C2 = .531
C3 = .530

Blk C Rd Numbers

C1 = no read
C2 = no read
C3 = no read

Rd A Blk numbers

A1 = no read
A2 = no read
A3 = no read

Blk A Rd Numbers

A1 = .535
A2 = .538
A3 = .534.

Inside stator is shorted, I know it needs to be replaced.
Outside seems to be ok, along with the regs. however I am confused as to why with only the good stator running the charge voltage is low. As always, any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Was the reg/rect unplugged when inner stator checked for short to ground?
Hello Sfair,

Thanks for the Reply. Yes the Stators were disconnected from everything when tested to ground.

I was concerned about the charging voltages because the spec in the manual was 14.5 to 15.2. My 800 ran about 14.2 on the highway.

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Replace the bad stator and recheck the charging voltage, but the dual stator voltages tend to be a little lower than most because the stators are, for lack of a better term, fighting each other.
But under a heavier load, they will hold the desired voltage.
Also, check the voltage with one stator unplugged, and then the other just to make sure all is well.
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