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I just picked up a 2002 Classic in a trade. It has 23,000 miles on it and looks very clean and has new tire on the back.

The guy I got if from stated it had clutch problems with slack in the cable. He included new clutch discs and springs. He seemed to think it had broken/failing springs. The bike was making noise in the clutch area.

There was a lot of slack in the cable so I adjusted it out on the handle bar adjustment and removed a lot of the slack. I then put it in gear and with the clutch pulled it would move, so clutch is releasing.

I started it and it has noise in the clutch area that sounds like sounds like clanking/grinding.

I pulled the side cover off on clutch. I then pulled it apart and found the discs to be in perfect shape and no damage discoloring to the steels. Springs look fine as well.

I pulled the clutch basket off and all the bearings look good. the shaft end play is good and it turns freely. But if I roll it forward and backward quickly I get a knocking noise that I can feel in the shaft. I can also get the shaft to lock momentarily doing this as well. It feels and sounds like a gear is sliding on the shaft or something.

Has anyone else had anything like this happen? Any ideas what might be involved in diagnosing and repairing the problem?

I may not have gotten quite the deal I thought I got on this bike if the repairs are too costly. Perhaps a used engine may even be in order. I hate to part out the bike if it can be repaired, but if too costly don't have much choice.

I thought about putting the new clutch in it and putting it back together and then check again to see if the noise is still there when it's running. The noise without the clutch may be normal and the clutch will take up the slack causing that noise and clutch may actually be the problem that I originally had.

Any ideas? Anyone help? As said, may not be worth fixing or could just be an easy fix. :confused:
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