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20,000 mi service

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I had my 07 900 serviced this week, the complete service pkg. While I was at it I had a new Stator installed because I have a lot of riding planned this yr. and we all know the Stator history of this bike. I had been using 10 - 40 synthetic oil but didn't know what brand. Today it was on my bill as Motul. I looked it up and it seems to be a good product, and I have 20,000 mi on the bike so it must be ok, Have any of you used it? The Service Dept. at the dealership I use seemed to like it. I got 35% off the usual rate for having my service done in the winter before Feb. 25....that helped a lot.
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hey I was wondering what the complete service cost if you don't mind me asking

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$580.52 including Stator install. The Stator was $143.00 from Rick's. The Kaw. oem was $483.00 not hard to decide here.
This was what they called the complete 20,000 service Adj.valves etc. Keep in mind they had a 35% discount on labor until Feb. 25th.
that doesn't seem bad at all what else do they do besides an oil change?

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The service without the Stator would have been about $350.00 at the winter rate.
I had a tune up, adj. valves, oil change, lube all cables etc. tune the power commander and adj. change coolant and brake fluid, adj. belt etc. inspect all wear points. there was over 20 hours of labor billed. I guess they had to make up for the 35% discount...lolol Have any of you guys used the Gel Battery? My battery is now 7 yrs. old and I don't really trust it for my long ride schedule this yr. I keep it on a battery maintainer all the time. I have done this on all my bikes for several yrs. now and I get exceptionally good service out of them.
I was pleased with the price for all the work that was to be done. Due to my wife having surgery in 13 and I had back surgery in 14 I hadn't ridden in two yrs. so I thought it best to give it a good going over before embarking on my journey this season. I think due to age etc. this will be my last long ride season. I would like to have a small trike to finish off with. The balance just isn't there like it used to be. I have a grand daughter who rides with me locally she has a smaller bike, and we could both use the trike later on.
Check out these batteries if you are considering a new one. They have amazing cold crank numbers and can sit for a year with hardly any power loss so you don't need to tender them much compared to other types. The battery weighs about 2 lbs. so you save about 5 pounds of weight also. A little spendy but I think its worth it for the longevity and security alone. When you touch the starter you will know the difference for sure.
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