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2 into 1 exhaust most power?

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Hi guys
I have a 900 classic and installed:

V&H pro pipe chrome 2 into 1
Smartpartz Hard Kore baffles
LA Choppers XXX Big Air Kit
Power Commander V

And I just got it dyno tuned for 57hp at the rear.

Firstly, I love the extra power. It's awesome, especially mid-range.

I've read all over the place that 2 into 1 exhausts will gain the most power, but my results are pretty much the same as any other big 3 combo.

Degreaser points out http://www.vulcanforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18396 that the comparison with 2 into 2 is pretty negligible.

I'm happy with the results and don't really care about the numbers, just curious why there are so many comments about 2 into 1's being so effective when it seems they're all the same.

Or are they?

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First of all, different dynos even of the same brand can show up to 10 hp difference on different days or just because they are different dynos. So its all relative. To tell anything you need a baseline and then another run after mods preferably same day with same conditions. Even a few hours matters if temp and humidity change. There are two different common scales of measure STD and SAE. Some guys quote whichever one is the highest, some do not.

Questions I would ask you that would change your dyno readings:

The biggest question I would ask you is did you dyno with the quiet baffles in or out? That could be easily 1-3 hp right there. Also were you running 93 octane? Was you Gas Fresh? Stock plugs? how old are they? If its more than 6k you better change them if you want top numbers. Do you have the stock rear tire or one size larger? Is your tire new or worn out? Tire circumference matters. What gear did they run in for the quoted 57hp? What was the temperature and humidity that day?
Drag racers talk about this a lot. Your bike might make 5 more HP on a day with good Temp/Humidity for power. Bigger bikes the difference is more. Was you bike heat soaked from tuning or did they let it cool down for a while before making the "power" run? Did they have adequate fans blowing on the air cleaner so it could get fresh cool air? All these things matter a lot if you care about numbers. If someone posts a number and you don't know the answer to all of the above questions and possibly a few more I forgot, then its just a number.

All that being said if you got 57hp be super happy, you have a well tuned bike. Now go ride! Well... wait until its above freezing at least.
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