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1996 VN1500 C3 question

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I bought this bike this fall, switching over from Shadow so I have much to learn, so any help is much appreciated. Will a Corbin seat from a "Classic" fit on my C3? Also, does the exhaust from the "Classic" match up to my C3?

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No and no. The mounting brackets and space allotted for the seats are completely different, and the exhaust on the C is totally different than the Classic.
This bike is difficult to find accessories for.
Wouldn't the BUBF (A) model exhaust fit your C model...? Does you seat have the key to remove setup...the older BUBF (A) models did...Good Luck
This bike is difficult to find accessories for.
Well, yes, it's almost 20 years old, it never did have a lot of accessory options to begin with. :) You can do a few mods to them, but other than that you have to love them for what they are. Lots of guys buy these for a great price and have visions of "updating" them to a Classic. But they're completely different bikes in almost every way, and very few if any parts are interchangeable.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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