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1996 1500L C3 aftermarket turn signals

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I ordered a set of dual filament turn signals for the front, and an all-in-one brake/running/plate/turn signal light for the rear. The fronts are dual filament bulbs, the rear are LEDs.

For the front, here is the wiring schematic:


I connected the black/white to the black/yellow on the bike, both are grounds. But when I connect the gray on the bike (flasher wire) and the hot (blue on the bike) to the black, the turn signal comes on, but it does not flash. If i switch the wires the flasher lights up really bright, but does not flash. Help please?

For the rear this is the unit I bought, with a wiring schematic in the description:


I tied all the ground wires from the bike together, as well as the turn signal wires, the hot, and connected them as the wiring schematic says in the product description...My result is a running light and a license plate light that both are on and working. The brake light does not light up when I press the brake or pull the handbrake, and the turn signals come on, but like the front they do not flash intermittently.

Please, for the love of all things motorcycles someone walk me through this. Riding seasons is coming on us in a couple months and I still need to mount fenders and buy a seat, but this needs to be done first. Thanks!
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Just a guess because wiring is not my strong point but with many swaps to LEDs on older bikes without a load resistor might be needed to get them to function properly.
Do a search on LED turn signals and you should find some good walk throughs on how to get them working.
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