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I'm not sure this is the place for technical discussion, but I'm sure someone will point me in the right direction if it isn't.

Yesterday, while accelerating moderately, I lost all power to the rear wheel, and it sounded like a corn grinder. At first, I thought that the gears in the case assembly disintegrated, but, on further examination (w/o taking the thing apart), I'm wondering if the torque absorber (cushions/vanes) disintegrated.

On its center stand, when I manually spin the rear wheel while the tranny is in gear, I hear all kinds of racket at the rear case; when in neutral, no (or extremely little) noise. Also, there is no visible damage to the ring gear teeth (looking at them through the lube-fill hole).

Does anyone have insight? Is the torque absorber something that does disintegrate by about 30k miles (which is about what I have on the bike)? If so, what am I going to have to purchase to fix it?
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