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I installed a light bar (running lights and turn signals). I got the turn signals hooked up and working. I am ready to run the wiring for the lights. I have a relay and switch. I looked at Gadgets page but his directions are for a two prong switch and mine is a three prong.

I want the lights to be wired into the starter button so they do not have power until the starter is engaged. Same as the headlamp. But I want to be able to use them on dim or high and be able to shut them off when I want.

Which wire (color/location) do I run the power line to? I have a Clymer Manual but not sure when trying to read the wiring schematic.

Thanks for all the help.

Douglas "Cornerstone" Eckstein

P.S. For those that helped me with the dying at highway speeds issue - still working on that. Figured I'd install the light bar before putting it all back together from a tuneup and new fuel filter.

1992 Vulcan 88
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