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1991 Vulcan 1500 Exhaust

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Good evening. I have a91 1500 with straight pipes. Its WAY to loud. The problem is that the pipes are one piece from the head to the turndown exhaust. For some reason somebody welded every connection. I'm looking for a relatively easy and inexpensive way to quite them down, the quieter the better. Any ideas as to what other years may fit? I've attached a picture. Thanks!


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Are you sure the last section aren't just slip-ons?
If your 100% sure that the ends have been welded than I would simply cut the ends right where they start to turn down and find some baffle to put in them...remove the
heat shields or check for a screw for those ends...good luck
I've had the exhaust completely off to fix some mounting issues and they are welded as one piece on each pipe. It doesn't make sense to me to weld the whole thing together. Maybe they had welding rod but no clamps:)
Would a 95 exhaust work. Thanks
Yes it will...provided its a dual carb model which I'm pretty sure it is...the single carb
models started in 96...claassic's...They look like they are in pretty good shape...The
cheaper way would be to cut the ends and put some baffles in...as you can tell...I'm a
low budget mod guys...not cheap...just broke...Good Luck

PS...What are you going to do with your old ones if you get the 95's...I have a 94 1500
project bike that needs a set of pipes...just thought I ask
I found a set of mufflers but I'll need the pipes. I'm cheap too. I only paid 38 dollars for the mufflers.
The picture below is why I need my head examined. I never should have sold it.'s what I intend to go back to.


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So you sold the Orange and white bike and than bought a 91 vulcan ... So you bought some muffle for $38.00 and the pipes on are all welded together...right ... So what's your plan...I'm a little confused to what you are doing...good luck
Yeah, it sounds stupid but for personal reasons I had to sell it. Went through some others but couldn't find one that I could live with. The 1500 was part of a trade and as it ended up I have $0 in it so I can put a little in it and then sell it.
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