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Hi. I'm new to the forum, and I admit I'm not going to be here long.

I've had this '85 Vulcan (VN700-A1) under a tarp for about 15 years. It ran when I parked it, and it's a complete bike. (The picture is recent.) I'm selling the house so I have to clean out the garage.

I tried to look in the gas tank but the keylock is jammed up. I tried to get it into 5th gear and roll it to see if the motor was locked up, but I can't get it to shift above 3rd.

No one's going to buy a 30 year old bike in this shape I don't have time to restore it. As far as I'm concerned it's heading for the junkyard. I'm offering it here, for free, to anyone who wants to come and pick it up.

The title is clean and in my name.

I'm located near Charlotte, NC. Please PM if you're interested.

Best Wishes,
Matt K.


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