12oClockLabs SpeedoDRD K3 Speedo Calibrator Plug-In Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 2009-2022

If you have made changes to the tire/wheel size, need to convert to km/h from mph or vise versa, or otherwise need to make calibrations of +/-99.99% in 0.1% increments--this is the device for you.

I had this installed on my 2009 1700 Nomad for 2,674 miles. The calibration tool itself is compatible with many motorcycle models. The difference is the harness, which can be purchased from 12oClockLabs. Check with their customer service folks, who were pretty quick to respond when I needed them.

The instructions and how to use the tool are very detailed on the 12oClockLabs website. It works well, but what I realized--and why I removed it--was when my speedometer was calibrated, my odometer reflected about 5% less distance traveled.

Without it installed my speedometer reads about 5% faster (3 to 4 mph), but my odometer is nearly spot on. (I know...it doesn't make sense to me either.)

Something else I noticed with it installed was an intermittent "hiccup" under hard acceleration. Per a couple of emails with customer service the Speedodrd requires a strong signal from the speed sensor. The sensor on my 10+ year old Nomad likely has a weakened over time and should be replaced.

Website (instructions, calibration calculator):