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Did 485 miles on this one. No real destination, just riding and looking. Had planned to stay overnight close to Montgomery, but by the time it got dark I realized I just didn't want to spend another night in a hotel so I came home.

"Just some good ole boys" in Alabammer:

I was out past Atmore and just happened to ride by as this helicopter was landing on the truck. I went over and talked to the workers after the helo left, then snapped some pictures when he came back.

Uriah Veterans' Memorial:

Old Lock One:

Claiborne Bridge. Probably has no significance to anybody, but when I was still flying, this was one of the points our students had to find when doing their first low level flight in the T-39. They had the benefit of being at 1000', but were also going a hair faster than a typical motorcycle...

Trying to get rid of my Florida strips. (They're like chicken strips, but wider):

Night shot on the way home:

Four minute video showing some of the only curves close to where I live. They're only 2 hours away!
I posted the original then ran it through the YouTube gonkulator to fix some of the bounciness, which is why the windscreen and phone mount look to be morphing around at times.

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