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Idle, rev, decel has been really rough. Setting cruise has been jumpy. Mileage has sucked and everywhere I go my legs are cooked and my bike smells like fuel.

I already tried using the Thunder mfg gasket that they so kindly shipped me for free...didn't seem to work...but I think 10lbs of torque or whatever the service manual calls for on the three throttle body studs is ridiculous

So last weekend I wrapped my pipes with heatsheild products lava or titanium wrap. Whatever they call it. Ordered two 50ft x 1in rolls for 55 shipped from amazon (best deal I could find). I used 00 steel wool to get surface rust off of the pipes and I did wet them with a spray bottle as I applied them. I didn't remove pipes to wrap but lacked the bike up about 1ft so I could sit in a chair comfortably while I worked. I got everything covered from heads down past the collector and all of the crossover tube for the clutch side muffler. Double wrapped the first 6" of the rear pipe at the head to help my right thigh out. They didn't smoke very long at all and didn't smell like the fiberglass stuff I've used in the past. These things are sweet.


Last weekend after the bike sat for about 24 hrs (while wrapping pipes). I drained the fluid from the radiator, filled it back up with 50/50 distilled vinegar and distilled water then drained it twice, then flushed 4x with distilled water...tons of red specs came out in the flush. Also bigger black flakes and small black sediment was in the overflow tank...I never cranked the bike during the flushing.


I replaced with engine ice

Now when the fan kicks on. It actually moves the coolant temp needle down about a click - so I need to get a switch to turn that fan on rigged up like ray did

Today I finally replaced the heat shields and took the thunder air kit and throttle bodies off...

I examined the o rings for signs of damage and found none.

I pulled the thunder gasket off cleaned it and let it dry, then cleaned the butterflies, intake manifold, throttle bodies and thunder air kit with paint thinner or acetone or something. Whatever I had there next to my shop rags. Then wiped everything clean with wet shop paper towels and let them dry.

I applied a moderate but even coat of Permatex Form-a gasket non-hardening sealant to both sides of the gasket, put the orings back in(that was frustrating!)

I replaced the gasket, the throttle bodies and this time I had help. Buddy turned one of the 3 studs and held the throttle bodies in place while I turned the other two studs. We didn't use a torque wrench this time and got them snug. Then I used a short little Allen wrench to torque them down probably a little tighter than spec.

Then I sealed the crankcase breather connection threads and hole where the adapter attaches to the bottom of my round air kit and applied sealant to the front of the throttle bodies, wiped excess squeeze out from the intake manifold and throttlebody and put the air kit back together.

Wow! Bike is so much smoother now...idle is steady and smooth. I have more power/torque at 1900-2500 rpm even with a passenger....cruise control isn't jerky anymore, the bike doesn't smell like fuel at stop lights. According to USPS my PCv with ignition comes sometime on 6/1.

I think I covered everything - next time I decide to take the throttle bodies off I will machine the stand offs like Racnray did.

This bike feels like new again and omg there is a huge improvement in heat coming off pipes.

I would love to get some maps from you guys with ignition advance

Hope the pictures are helpful and ill try to get a video up of my front wheel noise. I'm convinced that my front end wobble issues is bad bearings.

I wrote Kawasaki a letter about the problems I have had and they responded a month and a half later with a letter addressed to me, written to someone named Sunny asking me to take the bike to a dealer for diagnosis....y'all might remember that I already did that and the dealer noted the problem, couldn't fix it, wanted me to pay for the work they did(which was not authorized) and then when I pressed them for a solution called Kawasaki and said "when I told him the bike had a wobble they told me to direct you to the portion of the owners manual that instructs riders to never let go of the handlebars...and that all large fixed faired bikes will wobble). I don't think Kawasaki cares about me at all. Looks like I'm all alone on the bearing and wobble issue. Anyone have the front wheel and neck bearing part numbers for all balls bearings?

Here is a video on the garbage from the overflow and the noisy grinding front wheel

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Every photo & video was great
Take calpiers from the rotors & spin the wheel.
Sounds like pads rubbing.
My Roadstar sounds similar, has for 208,000 kilometres, but not noticeable at high speeds
it was the pads rubbing, but they were rubbing because the front wheel bearings were destroyed and the front pinch bolts were loose
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