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When I bought my '05 Vulcan Classic one of the little things that needed fixing was that the little plastic post that holds the sidecover in position on the left side was broken. The key lock held the cover on, but it was loose and moving around quite a bit. After looking at for a sec I had an idea for a quick fix. This ain't no showman job, it's a rig, but it worked and only took about 5 minutes, and no one will know it's done as it inside the locked cover.

What I did was grab one of the many lightweight wall anchors (for hanging pictures on sheetrock) that are lying around in my garage and found one that would fit into the grommet hole where the plastic post would go. I then drilled a hole in the post's old location (there's a perfect little stand-off area there that made this work), then screwed the anchor screw in from the back, then screwed the plastic anchor on to that. The new "post" is the same size as the missing post, and fits perfectly into the grommet and completed secured the side cover. One of these days I'll buy a new sidecover to replace it, but this works fine for the meantime.

Here's some step by step pics:

Toolbox area with cover off, grommet hole above keyhole on right.

Here's what I used for the fix

Testing to see that the anchor is the right size for the grommet hole

The back side of the side cover. The pin would normally stand up from where that hole is, if it weren't broken off and missing. I had already drilled the hole before I started taking pictures.

Getting the screw in behind the standoff and into the hole I drilled

The finished fix. The anchor stands in for the pin, and the swell of it in the middle once the screw is in helps it stay tight.

Ok, there goes today's Cheap Fix. Back out to the garage!
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