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09 Vulcan Air/Fuel Tuner

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Grab a beer or coffee. I tend to be wordy in my posts!

So being a new member & reading a TON of threads here on the site - im going to take a chance that I wont get flamed for asking a question, that most of you will probably think I should already know. If your here to feed your ego at my expense, please find another thread. Im only concerned with real world answers, not how smart you can appear to be anonymously on a forum.

I purchased my 09 Vulcan 1700 last June 2014. Bike appeared to be well cared for & garaged. This was after a 30+- year break from motorcycles. That being said, the technology that is available now for bikes - is amazing. When I sat on the bike in the showroom & started playing with all the buttons, I noticed that when I toggled through the different screens, I came on the one that stated the current MPG. It read 35.8. I was impressed by this and was a factor in pulling the trigger. 4,500+ miles later & the best I can pull off is 32mpg. (I have added a pic of the MPG from the day I took delivery)

So I am wondering if its; 1) the previous owner had a power commander or the like 2) I still haven't figured out the optimum shift points 3) I'm a big guy, so the extra MPG's are going towards trying to move my fat a** down the road. 4) I need the ECU replaced as stated in the threads I found here due to a recall. I ran my VIN and its clean. But, the site also said that even if its clean - it could still be effected by a recall.

The dealer I bought the bike from is primarily a Polaris dealer & they couldn't give me any info, especially regarding a KAW recall. I need to follow up with a KAW dealer locally regarding that. Just not the one in my town because they were pretty snotty when they discovered that I had cash & credit, but would not buy a brand new bike. I ended up buying from a shop 35 minutes away, mostly on principle.

So I said all that - to ask this 2 things: 1) If I was looking for a true plug & play EFI tuner, which would you buy? I am currently favoring the BULLY because of its implied simplicity. I am not looking to get a Dyno tune, change pipes, learn how to map a system or agonize over spreadsheets. Im an idiot and need the simplest of technology's out there.

2) Do I need a EFI tuner? Is 32MPG all I will ever get without losing belly weight-new pipes & mapping?

I appreciate everyone's patience with what must be, a frequently asked question here. I am only interested in gaining MPG's. Not -off the line power or top end speed. 90% of my riding is 40MPH & below. About 10 minutes a day is/will be at highway speeds.

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I am using the Gman, that the Bully, and EJK are all the same, just marketed different. Very simple to install, and as easy to adjust as setting the time on your microwave. That said, I installed mine the same time I installed a Thunder stock air kit. I have drilled the rear 2 baffels in the stock mufflers. I did loose about 1 1/2-2mpg with this set up, but it runs much better now. I have played with the settings some, and I'm back to almost were it started with mpg. I did gradually pickup mpg as it broke in some from new. At 4,500 miles, you should be getting pretty well broke in by now. Now for short rides to and from work, about 3 miles each way for me, I do loose several mpgs, when its cold, its even worse, have dropped to the lower 30s. The longer you warm it up te worse it gets.
Hi there Big Mike!

I'm running an '09 Nomad over here in the UK, and with a PC5, V&H and Kuryakyn Alley Cat I'm averaging 42mpg, and I'm not a slow rider; I'm also about 280 pounds so no midget either!

I tried a plug and play fuel processor first, because I was scared of the apparent complexity of setting up the PC; but the I found the Cobra very disappointing. When I finally bit the bullet and bought the PC5 I discovered that even to a techno-phobe like me it was easy to instal, and even easier to load a map. I'm running a map that a guy on here emailed to me (David Sheek) and that's where the 42 mpg is coming from.

The motor is also way more flexible - I can drop to 35mph in 6th gear and still accelerate right up to much higher (illegal) speeds with no complaints whatsoever from the engine!

Good luck mate!
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Bully, hands down. He stands behind them no matter what. BTW, it is a dyno-tune at your fingertips.
Bully, hands down. He stands behind them no matter what. BTW, it is a dyno-tune at your fingertips.
I agree, love my EJK. I can tune on the fly if I wish. I am still fine tuning, but even a monkey could install an EJK. No splicing, no cutting. True plug & play. And the customer service at Dobeck Performance is exceptional. Granted the PCV has more flexibility, but to get the full potential of a PCV you need a dyno tune.
Thanks everyone. Im going to go with BULLY. Ill post an update in a few months when I can ride & see the difference.

Now to shop a new rear tire.........
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