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Here it goes again.
I have been noting intermittent discharging for a couple of months. My regulator tested bad in July, so I replaced that. Stator did not test bad in July. Things went well for 500 miles and now I am noting intermittent discharging particularly when the engine has warmed up.
Testing done today reveals the battery is ok, the regulator rectifier tests ok and the stator has equal AC output all leads and no short to ground.
However during my testing I noted for the first time the high pitched squeal from the left side of the engine that so many have noted which indicates or predicts a stator failure.
The frustrating part is that I replaced the stator at 16K and now less than 6K later its looking like it has gone again.
Advice is welcome. My thinking is to replace the stator. I have a new regulator on hand. Should I pre-emptively replace it while I am at it?
Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.

Richard S
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